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Case contents
Sawed-Off | Forest DDPAT (Field-Tested)
XM1014 | Blue Spruce (Battle-Scarred)
SG 553 | Army Sheen (Field-Tested)
Souvenir SSG 08 | Prey (Battle-Scarred)
Souvenir SG 553 | Bleached (Field-Tested)
Galil AR | Sage Spray (Minimal Wear)
Souvenir CZ75-Auto | Midnight Palm (Minimal Wear)
Souvenir MP9 | Old Roots (Field-Tested)
AK-47 | Safari Mesh (Battle-Scarred)
Nova | Caged Steel (Minimal Wear)
G3SG1 | Green Apple (Minimal Wear)
MAG-7 | Metallic DDPAT (Minimal Wear)
Souvenir MP7 | Motherboard (Minimal Wear)
P250 | Metallic DDPAT (Minimal Wear)
Glock-18 | High Beam (Minimal Wear)
Souvenir P2000 | Grassland (Minimal Wear)
Souvenir Glock-18 | Night (Field-Tested)
Souvenir PP-Bizon | Carbon Fiber (Factory New)
Souvenir MP7 | Motherboard (Factory New)
SG 553 | Aerial (Factory New)
SCAR-20 | Blueprint (Factory New)
MP5-SD | Co-Processor (Factory New)
P90 | Grim (Factory New)
AUG | Ricochet (Factory New)
Desert Eagle | Meteorite (Minimal Wear)
AK-47 | Uncharted (Factory New)
Desert Eagle | Blue Ply (Factory New)
USP-S | Black Lotus (Minimal Wear)
Galil AR | Kami (Minimal Wear)
PP-Bizon | Space Cat (Minimal Wear)
SG 553 | Darkwing (Minimal Wear)
USP-S | Ticket to Hell (Minimal Wear)
MP9 | Ruby Poison Dart (Field-Tested)
Souvenir XM1014 | Elegant Vines (Field-Tested)
UMP-45 | Plastique (Minimal Wear)
AWP | Worm God (Field-Tested)
Desert Eagle | Directive (Minimal Wear)
USP-S | Cyrex (Minimal Wear)
Desert Eagle | Naga (Minimal Wear)
XM1014 | Teclu Burner (Factory New)
MAG-7 | Praetorian (Minimal Wear)
R8 Revolver | Amber Fade (Minimal Wear)
P250 | Franklin (Minimal Wear)
UMP-45 | Primal Saber (Field-Tested)
Five-SeveN | Fowl Play (Field-Tested)
P90 | Shapewood (Minimal Wear)
P250 | Muertos (Field-Tested)
MP7 | Bloodsport (Field-Tested)
PP-Bizon | Judgement of Anubis (Field-Tested)
FAMAS | Roll Cage (Field-Tested)
Five-SeveN | Angry Mob (Field-Tested)
M4A4 | Neo-Noir (Battle-Scarred)
CZ75-Auto | Victoria (Field-Tested)
P90 | Asiimov (Field-Tested)
M4A1-S | Hyper Beast (Battle-Scarred)
Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive (Battle-Scarred)
★ Shadow Daggers | Safari Mesh (Field-Tested)
★ Gut Knife | Urban Masked (Minimal Wear)
★ Huntsman Knife | Safari Mesh (Battle-Scarred)